March 30-April 1, 2018

Georgia World Congress Center



OnLine Team Check In Instructions


Online team check in can occur at any time between now and the closing date/time listed above.  You can check in multiple or individual teams once rosters are complete and verified.  You can return to this process at any time to check in remaining teams.   
No roster changes will be allowed on locked rosters after 9:00 pm on Thursday, March 30.

ONLINE Team Check In Procedures:

  1. Log into your Sportwrench account, click on “My Teams Events” tab.
  2. Click on “Manage Teams” next to Mizuno Big South National Qualifier.
  3. Click on “Online Team Check In” in the tab section above.
  4.  Under “Roster Validation” your team will either have a label of ‘Valid’ or ‘Failed.’ You cannot check in a team that has a failed validation status. 

To correct ‘Failed’ validation roster:

  • Click ‘Failed’ to see the errors for a particular team.
  • Click on the ‘Event Roster’ tab to access the rosters that need to be corrected.
  • Correct each roster as required.
  • Return to Online Team Check In page once you are finished. 

Next Steps

  1. Read Statement of Authorization to be aware of what you are agreeing to for each team you are checking in.
  2. Select the boxes on the far left for teams you wish to check in.
  3. Complete drop down menu for person who is completing online check in.  Only people who are listed on a roster entered in this event can be selected for this box.
  4. Complete drop down menu for person(s) authorized to pick up team credentials.  Only people who are listed on a roster entered in this event are eligible to be authorized.

Options for pickup of player/coach credentials:

  • “I have the same person(s) picking up credentials for teams” – select all of your teams, select the person(s) approved to pick up credentials for all teams, one email containing a barcode and team list will be sent to each person you approve.
  • “I need to have different people picking up credentials for teams” – you will need to check each team in separately and indicate the person who is approved to pick up the credentials for the selected team.  Separate emails will be sent containing a barcode for that specific team to each person you approve.         

Last Steps

  1. Double check your selections for the teams and the person indicated.
  2. Click ‘Submit’ and you are now ‘Virtually Checked In!”   That’s it!


  • Make sure to bring the email with the barcode to the team check in area on site to pick up your credentials. 
  • You DO NOT need to bring a roster if you have submitted it online.
  • All credentials for a particular team must be picked up at the same time. 

 Need Roster Corrections After Online Team Check In?

  1. Contact to have your roster ‘unlocked.’
  2. Log in and make necessary changes.
  3. Return to Team Check In page and follow steps above.