March 31-April 2, 2017

Georgia World Congress Center



Team Check In

Team check in must be completed on Thursday, March 30, 2017

(NEW CHECK IN PROCESS THIS YEAR- details will be posted later) 

A wristband will be issued at Team Check In, for every rostered player (max. of 15) and staff member (max. of 3) at no charge.  Additional staff wristbands must be purchased.  Staff members listed on more than one roster will receive only 1 wristband.  The person checking in the team must pick up all wristbands for that team.

COACHES…REMEMBER to issue your players a wristband before you ask them to meet you inside the playing venue. Players who do not have a wristband will not be allowed into the playing facility.

Valid USAV Membership:
(Except for Foreign Teams)
Each person listed on the official roster must have a valid USAV Full Membership.  Contact your Region to get these numbers if you do not have them. You WILL NOT be allowed to check in or participate in the event unless this is provided.

Staff Requirements:
Per USAV rules, a maximum of 5 staff members may be listed on each roster.  All staff members must have a title or role assignment.  

All coaches on a roster must be, at a minimum, IMPACT certified, SafeSport certified and have a cleared background screening through their USAV Region. A cell phone number is required for Head Coaches. An IMPACT certified coach, listed on the roster, must be present on the bench at all times.

Other Adult Staff Members:  (Except for Foreign Teams)
All non-coach, adult members listed on the roster must have a current background screening through their Region.

Junior Age Staff Members:
Junior players duly registered with USAV may be on a roster as a staff member as a Manager.  They must be at least 10 years of age.  

Players Requirements:
Per USAV rules, a maximum of 15 athletes are allowed on rosters at National Qualifiers and no regionally, age-waivered players are allowed. All athletes listed on the roster must have a valid USAV number, birthdate and uniform number.  Athlete's position is optional.