How to Register for the Girls Qualifier

Team Registration Fees:

All divisions $795
Registration Deadline: 
January 7, 2015, 3:00 pm EST

Results Deadline:
In order to complete seeding of the event, all USA Volleyball-sanctioned competition results should be entered in SportWrench by Monday, March 23, 2014.

How to Register:
Go to SportWrench to register your team for entry.  Click here to register.

Click here for a SportWrench tutorial.

If you are a foreign team, please click here for additional information.

Methods of Payment:
From the
SportWrench site, you can choose to pay online or pay by check.  If you pay online, the Date of Receipt will be recorded as the moment we receive confirmation that your payment has been verified. If you use an e-check, it may take a day or so to finalize the verification of the check. 

If you choose to mail a check, print an invoice from SportWrench, sign the form and mail it to us with your entry fee (the SportWrench program will show you how much you owe). Your Date of Receipt will be the time we receive both your check AND entry application in our office.

Make the check payable to:  The Big South

Send the signed Entry Application and payment to: 

Big South  2812 West Price Ave.  Tampa, FL  33611


Team Drops:
All requests to drop from the event must be submitted via email by the person listed as the main contact in SportWrench.  Submit all requests to and include the following information:
Request to be removed from the event
Club name
Team name
FJ Code
Division entered

You will receive an email notification to confirm the drop has been processed

Refund Policy:
If a team is denied entry because the field is filled, the team may cancel its application and receive a full refund of its entry fee, OR the team may elect to go on a Waiting List. If a team on the Waiting List decides to withdraw their application, they will receive a full refund.

If a team decides to drop out after the Application for Entry and Entry Fee has been processed there will be no refund.  If a team decides to drop out after they have received an Acceptance Notice, there will be no refund.

If you are not sure you will be forming a certain team within your club, but still want to enter that team at the same time you register your other teams, DO NOT pay the entry fee for that team because you will not receive a full refund should you have to withdraw from the event.  Should you pay the entry fee for a team that does not form and then withdraw the team, the refund amount, if any, will be at the discretion of the event director.

Division Changes:
BSQ will make every effort to grant a request to change divisions whenever possible.  If a move cannot be made at the time of the request, the team will be placed on a list to move when space becomes available.   All requests to change divisions must be submitted via email by the main contact listed in SportWrench. 
Submit all requests to and include the following information:
Club name
Team name
FJ Code
Current division entered
Division you would like to be moved to

You will receive an email notification as confirmation when the move has been processed.  Do not assume that your request has been granted.

Acceptance for all divisions is first-come, first-served determined by the date and time a team completes all Entry Application requirements, until available space is filled or January 7, 2015, whichever comes first.   A completed Entry Application includes the following:

-Submission of an Entry Application online with SportWrench,

-Receipt of full team registration fees,

-Verification in SportWrench of Stay & Play hotel reservation from THS

After January 7th, teams may be accepted into the event at the discretion of the tournament director.

Teams must maintain a confirmed hotel reservation at an event-approved hotel, which meets the minimum room night requirement in order to maintain their accepted status into the event.  Please read the Stay and Play FAQs, as well as all information posted on our hotels for complete details.

We strongly advise you to refrain from making non-refundable commitments for travel until you know you are accepted.


Big South will make every effort to place teams in a division in which they wish to play. Those request will be handled in the following manner: 

Teams wishing to play in an out-of-age CLUB division: The acceptance procedure outlined above will apply to these teams. 

Teams wishing to play in an out-of-age OPEN division: These teams will be placed on a Wait List until the deadline of January 7, 2015. The Tournament Director may choose override this policy at their discretion.  Once the deadline has passed, teams requesting to play in an OPEN division higher than their age bracket will be accepted should space be available. If a team is not accepted due to space in the requested division being filled, a refund of the full entry fee will be issued. If a team accepts a position into its appropriate age division AND ALSO goes on the wait list for a higher age division, no refund will be issued if the move to the higher division is not possible and the team decides to drop from the event.

You can check whether your team has been accepted into the tournament by going to your club's My Events page in SportWrench.