Girls' Qualifier Information

Qualifier Ethics and Eligibility Information:
This event is part of the USA Volleyball National Events. Participants, individual or team, may access normal "due process" channels should their eligibility to participate be in question. Procedures including appeal options are outlined in the Bylaws of USA Volleyball in Article XI. Bylaws can be found in the current issue of the USAV Official Guidebook. The Guidebook is available through Regional Commissioners or from the USA Volleyball national office, at the event Championship Desk and on the USA Volleyball web site.

Coach Certification:
For all qualifier divisions, all coaches listed on the roster must be IMPACT certified. But at least one coach, with IMPACT or higher certification, must be on the bench with the team at all times. (See the Qualifier Manual for particulars.)

Additional Qualifier Manual Information:
Please see the Qualifier Manual for details on the following topics:

  • Bid Processes and Rules
  • Entry Acceptance Processes and Criteria
  • Formats and Play Sequence
  • Warm-up Protocol
  • Team Responsibilities
  • Penalty for Forfeitures
  • Awards for each division
  • Coaching Certification Requirements
  • Tie Breaking Procedures
  • Roster Rules – Frozen and Otherwise

Coaches and directors are responsible for reading and understanding the Qualifier Manual and the information provided on these topics.

Penalties for Not Using a Qualifier Bid:
There are serious penalties for teams, clubs, coaches and players on teams that win a bid at a Qualifier and then don't use the bid to play at the Girls Junior National Championships. (See the Qualifier Manual for particulars.)

Qualifier Playing Divisions and Bids:
We are hosting teams in the Junior National Qualifier divisions listed below. Teams may choose which division - Open, USA, or American - in their age that they want to enter. Open divisions tend to be stronger teams and the field size tends to be smaller.

Below are the number of teams we can accommodate in each qualifier division and the number of bids available for that number of teams. Big South reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to adjust the size of a division depending on the number of applications received after the deadline date. Adjustments COULD affect the number of bids available in a division. Depending on the sizes of the 12 National and 12 American divisions, the divisions may be combined but both a National bid and an American bid could still be offered. (See the Qualifier Manual for particulars.) USA Volleyball may award an additional bid to some USA divisions of some qualifiers on Wednesday, February 26.

DivisionNumber of TeamsNumber of Bids Expected
18 Open 40 3
18 USA
18 American 64 1
17 Open 483
17 USA 883
17 American 88 1
16 Open 483
16 USA 80 3
16 American 1241
15 Open 363
15 USA 80 3
15 American 1121
14 Open 363
14 USA 64 3
14 American 1121
13 Open48 2
13 American 72 1
12 National 241
12 American 361