Girls' General Event Information

Team Registration Fee & Registration Process:
The registration fee for the 2013 event is $785. To register for the Big South, go to the Girl's Team Registration section for complete details on the registration process (Registration deadline, entry requirements, etc).

Play Location:
All divisions, all age groups will be played at the Georgia World Congress Center located at 285 Andrew Young International Blvd., N.W Atlanta, GA 30313.

Courts will be located in Halls A and B at the GWCC.

Playing Divisions & Bids:
The tournament will offer competition in all age divisions -- 18 Open, 18 USA, 18 American, 17 Open, 17 USA, 17 American, 16 Open, 16 USA, 16 American, 15 Open, 15 USA, 15 American, 14 Open, 14 USA, 14 American, 13 Open, 13 American, 12 National, and 12 American.

Bids will be offered in accordance with the Qualifier Manual Specifications. Space is planned to accommodate the maximum number of teams to award all possible bids.

DivisionNumber of Bids Expected
14-18 Open Divisions3
13 Open2
12 National1*
14-18 USA Divisions2**
12-18 American Divisions1

The Big South reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to adjust (including to combine) divisions depending on the number of applications received after the deadline date. Adjustments COULD affect the number of bids available in a division.

* Depending on the sizes of the 12 National and 12 American divisions, the divisions may be combined but a National bid and an American bid may still be available. (See the USAV Qualifier Manual for greater detail.)
** USA Volleyball may award an additional bid to some USA divisions of some qualifiers on Wednesday, February 26.

Playing Times:

Competition will begin on Friday, April 4, 2014. A wave play format will be used with the morning wave beginning at 8:00am and the afternoon wave beginning at 3:00pm. Confirmed start times will be posted on this web site once available, sent to all Net Gazette Newsletter recipients, and posted on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

All play should be concluded on Sunday by 4:00pm. However, If you wish to be assured of not missing a match we recommend that you do not schedule any departing flights prior to 6:00pm.

All Open Divisions will have an 8:00am start time on Friday, April 4.

Tournament Hotels:
Please go to our Hotel page for details.

Trainers and Medical Releases:
There will be certified trainers and doctors at two locations within the playing venue provided by Global Event Medicine. They will provide services and supplies. Do not wait until the last minute to have your players report to the medical tent to be taped as play will not be delayed.

All coaches are required to have a Medical Release Form for each player with them at all times. The representative of the team will be required to sign a statement at Team Check-In, which verifies that the forms are in their possession.

Team Practices:
Practices will be allowed in certain halls only if set up has been completed in the facility. The doors will not be open to enter the hall until 4:00pm on Thursday, April 3. Teams must have completed check-in. Courts are available for 1/2 hour time slots and are on a first come - first serve basis. All practices MUST END no later than 8:30pm.

Exhibitor Displays:
Some exhibitors will be open on Thursday during Team Check-In for browsing and sales. All others will be open during the time of the event.

No coolers of any kind or size will be permitted in the GWCC. Neither The Big South nor the GWCC will assume responsibility for coolers or providing a place for them. Please leave them at your hotel or in your car.

Chairs & Large Bags (Luggage):
No portable chairs of any size or kind will be permitted inside the playing halls. Neither The Big South nor the GWCC will assume responsibility for chairs or providing a place for them. Please leave them at your hotel or in your car. Seating inside the hall around the courts is provided.
Large bags and luggage will not be permitted inside the playing hall. Neither The Big South nor the GWCC will assume responsibility for coolers or providing a place for them. You can leave them at your hotel or in your car However, there will be a luggage check in the main lobby of the GWCC on Sunday to assist teams in be able to leave for the airport directly from the venue.